Annual Deep Cleaning Programme

 Whilst Daily Cleaning keeps the bulk of dirt at bay, and maintains a clean and tidy appearance, a lot of dirt and germs can linger, hidden in areas that can’t be cleaned on a daily programme.

This is when a Deep Clean is required.

Hard Flooring often traps dirt and germs in tiny particles that daily mopping will not remove. We are highly experienced in the use of Rotary Machine Floor Scrubbers to lift and extract this trapped dirt.

Your Carpets and Upholstery will require periodic cleaning to maintain their clean appearance and longevity. We achieve this through the use of Hot Water & Shampoo Extraction.

To maintain a Clean and Healthy environment for your team, an Annual Clean is recommended to clean hard to reach areas, such as tops of high level furniture and behind, cleaning out debris, dust and

dead insects from light fittings, or pulling out of your pedestal drawer units to reach behind and underneath.

A deep clean often tackles the areas unseen, rather than what is visible on a daily basis.

Our clients are always amazed at the difference a deep clean makes to their premises.

“A feeling of freshness that was lacking before.”

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