Auditing & Swab Testing

“Now we can see if Clean, Really is Clean”

Just because a room or a surface may look clean, may smell clean or feel clean, it does not necessarily mean this is the case.

A significant contamination is visible to the eye.

An apparently visible clean surface may not be clean enough, particularly in a healthcare environment.

Visual inspection is subjective, inaccurate, and insufficient.

Our swab testing method is highly accurate and gives an objective assessment of organic residue.

It measures what is not visible to the eye from all potential sources, i.e environmental, bacterial etc, and provides a quantification of cleanliness.

New for 2018: At Voyager Surgeries we are revolutionizing the way we carry out our regular audits. In addition to our visual inspections, we are incorporating swab tests in our audits, as part of a cleaning verification method for our clients.

Would you like to have your Healthcare Environment Swab Tested?

Not currently a client of Voyager? No worries. We’re happy to help.

You can Get in Touch with us to discuss your requirements. If you’re not ready yet for a new contracted cleaning service, we can still discuss and quote you for a cleaning audit, with swab testing, to see how your current cleaning arrangements are going.